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Leadership UMiami is a cohort style, co-curricular, intensive leadership immersion program exploring concepts related to democracy and social change. Sophomore, Junior and Senior level student participants have the opportunity to learn about civic participation in Miami, while uncovering their own civic identities and roles in the democratic process. The program culminates with a trip to Washington, D.C. for a four-day experience where students are able to see how democracy is achieved in the nation’s capital.  

Leadership UMiami is an exclusive leadership program that will explore issues at the heart of democracy and social change and will culminate with a 4-day trip to Washington DC. 

Through this program, you will:  

  • Uncover/Discover personally what democracy means to you and the community issues you care about.
  • Engage with other students around community issues important to you and advocate for those in a semester long project.  
  • Take your personal passions and learn how to make those a priority in a community in which you live. 
  • Speak directly to community leaders that have fought for social issues important to you. 
  • Gain an understanding of yourself through professional development and community activities that will enhance your career and life goals.  
  • Travel to Washington, D.C. for a 4-Day experience to see how you can make positive social change on the things you personally care about and love. 

Apply to be selected for this leadership community designed to connect and empower students who are passionate about the issues significant to them. 

At the completion of the program, participants will:

  • Be recognized by University Administration at final luncheon banquet
  • Receive a Leadership UMiami Medallion for graduation 
  • Receive Certificate with honor as a Leadership UMiami Graduate 

Program Requirements: Eligible students for Leadership UMiami must be sophomore, junior and senior undergraduate students as of the Fall 2019 semester with a 3.0 GPA in good standing with full-time status at the University of Miami. Regular cohort meetings will take place Friday afternoons from 1:20PM-3:20 PM during the fall semester. All of the sessions are MANDATORY for participants, including a week-long session at the end of the Winter Recess for the Community and Washington, D.C. Experience. The official dates of each session including the dates for the Washington, D.C. Experience will be provided as we get closer to the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Sessions: The program consists of three weekly sessions in the fall semester that will feature dialogues, professional development activities and community visits. This will expose you to the local democratic process and to enhance your civic mindedness. 

Community Leadership Visits and the D.C. Experience: Local community visits and a final trip to Washington D.C. will provide access to historical civic centers, community leaders and policy making procedures to help discover your role within the process. The community visits and Washington DC experience will happen at the end of the Winter Recess. Visits in the nation’s capital will include sit-down visits with elected officials, experiencing congress in session, tours of national museums and exploring social issues in the nation’s capital.

Professional Development and Civic Experiences: Students selected will be required to participate in two professional development experiences and two civic experiences within the community. This will allow you the opportunity to see and experience democracy and social change first hand. 

Application Information: Applications for Leadership UMiami can be found here.

For more information on Leadership UMiami, contact the Butler Center at 305-284-4483 or at leadandserve@miami.edu.