About Us

The William R. Butler Center for Volunteer Service and Leadership Development was founded in the Fall of 1989 under the direction of Dr. William R. Butler, Vice President for Student Affairs at that time. The center seeks to fulfill its mission by:

  • Enhancing student learning (knowledge acquisition, integration, application) through experiential education, training, and other opportunities as well as by promoting student involvement through various curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular avenues
  • Directly respond to community needs through intentional service and partnerships
  • Providing numerous opportunities for student involvement in service and advocacy student organizations, programming boards, and action committees addressing an array of societal issues
  • Coordinating educational campaigns to address local and global societal issues
  • Challenging students to think about leadership beyond the traditional leadership paradigm, thereby gaining an understanding of different approaches of leadership to become more effective leaders and members of society
  • Developing the leadership potential of students in all academic disciplines and raising the overall standard of student leadership
  • Committing to continuous improvement through on-going assessment and evaluation of both the provision of service and individual student growth toward developmental learning outcomes
  • Serving as a liaison to over 450 local community partners to provide quality placement for individuals and groups for one time and on-going volunteer activities

The Butler Center recognizes the importance of being inclusive of all types of people and diverse points of view. People of all abilities are welcome. If you need an accommodation, kindly inform the Butler Center at least one week prior to a publicized event.