Tunnel of Oppression Tunnel of Oppression
Tunnel of Oppression
Take a Step Forward | Jan. 22nd-Jan. 24th
Social Justice Week Social Justice Week
Social Justice Week
Engage in Social Justice Week Programs | Jan. 28th - Feb. 1st 

Created to serve as a catalyst to develop students who cultivate positive social change within their communities, the Butler Center for Service and Leadership offers a wide range of volunteer and advocacy based service and leadership opportunities, programs and initiatives for the UM community.

Tunnel of Oppression is a multi-media exhibit that showcases examples of oppressive behavious and actions that take place in our world today. The tunnel experience is designed to challenge the thoughts and perceptions of issues surrounding oppression. Experience Tunnel of Oppression from Jan. 22nd-Jan. 24th from 4pm-10pm in the Shalala Student Center Ballrooms. 
Social Justice Week is a student-led initiative aimed at bringing awareness to the various social issues impacting our campus and surrounding community. Social Justice Week is supported by student organizations and campus departments in an effort to bridge gaps within the campus community through dialogues, experiential activities and initiatives that promote equity, justice and inclusion.  

Get involved in the University of Miami's longest running service day, FunDay! Spend a day building friendships with over 300 special citizens from South Florida. This day is full of activities, entertainment, food, and of course, fun!

We would like to extend a big Thank U to the University of Miami community for their support of the Hurricanes Holiday Gift Drive. Over 725 toys and gifts were donated to children and senior citizens within the local South Florida community. Check out this great article in News@TheU on the success of the drive!