“It is hard to believe the student volunteer program established on campus in 1989 has developed so exceptionally well during the past 23 years. It's successes and great progress have been due to the outstanding leadership from the several professionals who have served as Coordinators, Directors, and Assistant Directors as well as the great support the program has enjoyed over the years from UM students who have participated.”

— Dr. William R. Butler, 2012

Kimberly Moncada

Director, Volunteer Service & Leadership Development

(305) 284-6067

Gabrielle Justine Perez

Asst. Director, Student Affairs Program

Gabrielle Perez serves as the Assistant Director of the Butler Center. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Florida International University before completing her Master’s in Higher Education Administration from the University of Miami in the spring of 2021. While completing her master’s degree, Gabby worked as a...

Lindsey Goldstein

Assoc. Director, Student Affairs Program

(305) 284-2884

Isabella Ariana Delabat

Administrative Assistant