'Canes Ignite

'Canes Ignite provides a mentorship experience at the University of Miami that connects students to current campus leaders and allows them to maximize their potential to become more active leaders.

About the Program

'Canes Ignite is a student-led program to help with the development and mentorship of current University students and their organizations. Current student leader mentors (Catalysts) are enlisted in 'Canes Ignite as experienced students who have established themselves as prominent members of the campus community. Catalysts strive to help students navigate their way through leadership experiences in college. Catalysts selected for 'Canes Ignite comprise a diverse cohort of student leaders and are dedicated to supporting a students’ specific leadership development needs.

The program:

  • Provides emerging student leaders a campus resource to build leadership through guidance at any point during their time at the University of Miami and to gain access to leadership resources.
  • Allows student leaders to share experiences and connect with emerging student leaders across the campus.

Accordion Group

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  • Request a Catalyst (Mentor)

    First- and second-year students at the University of Miami are invited to request a Catalyst and be paired with a current student leader in their third- or fourth-year. Applications to request a Catalyst will be available on Engage in the Fall semester.

  • Become a Catalyst (Mentor)

    Application to become a Catalyst will open in Fall 2023.

    Expectations for Catalysts

    • Complete the application process including the application and an individual interview.
    • Serve as an experienced student leader that can provide mentorship to emerging student leaders.
    • Commit to actively participate in the program from April 2023-April 2024. The commitment includes mentoring students, attending mandatory program update meetings, and developing and promoting the overall message of `Canes Ignite. 
    • Balance in-class and out-of-class involvement and maintain a 3.0 GPA.
    • Be committed and willing to maintain a level of understanding, patience, and professionalism while working with diverse groups of students.
    • Past mentorship experiences are a plus, but not required.

    Benefits of Being a Catalyst 

    Students selected as mentors will receive:

    • A complimentary professional headshot.
    • Presence on the University of Miami Butler Center website highlighting mentors as student leaders.
    • Access to a plethora of leadership resources and leadership assessments.