IMPACT Leadership Experience

 IMPACT Leadership Experience | October 14-16


To kick start your UM experience, apply to be a part of the IMPACT Leadership Experience! The program has served UM students since 2004 in areas such as important leadership techniques, personal growth, connecting on campus and many more! Experienced student leaders from all corners of campus will guide you throughout the semester to expand your knowledge of opportunities on campus and connect you to other students in the IMPACT Leadership family.

Throughout IMPACT, you along with fellow emerging leaders will begin to define and identify what it will take to recognize your potential. Through leadership development activities, team-building exercises, leadership style assessments, networking and more, you will begin to learn and practice the skills and concepts needed to be the best leader that you can be. Start your UM journey with a support system of over 40 students, administrators and student leaders in your corner! 

Application Due Setpemeber 8, 2023!